Johan Zwart
Electronic music composer & AVID-editor
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Creative Commons Licentie These works are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

No Exit
This CD contains my early works made between 1967 en 1981.

Radiotunes is an improvisation with shortwave radio. One of my first explorations in
    electronic music.

Dialog for two loudspeakers is an improvisation for two loudspeakers and microphone.

Landscape 1  A journey through an imaginary landscape.

Moving Objects 1 

Moving Objects 2 

Circle is an minimalistic exercise with two shifting patterns.

PPM480 (480 particles per minute)
    An humble homage to 
Morton Subotnick, an rhythmic improvisation inspired by the begin of
    "Silver Apples of the Moon".

No Exit  (Landscape 2) is created during my course at the Institute Of  Sonology in Utrecht Netherlands.
   The title is merely a description of the technique that is used, namely a variety of feedback techniques via terts filters and delays.
The piece is a result of a linear process of experimenting and improvisation. Although the generated sound are generally random or chaotic, farther processing resulted more structured patterns that formed the final piece.

Out There
 "Out there” and “A Sign in Grain” are inspired by the fascination for the order and chaos of the universe and nature. They are not as much an representation as well an attempt to express magnetic and electric (yin and yang) qualities in nature (Like i.e., magnetic versus electric or fluid/legato versus pulsating/staccato.) The idea is that everything magnetic is also partly electric (2 to 1) and visa versa. It may sounds a bit esoteric, but I just to play with this ideas for the sounds and structures of this pieces. No Exit, Out There and A Sine in Grain together form  form a

 No Exit 
(Landscape 2) is made during my course at the ‘Institute of Sonology’. (see abouve)     Although it is magnetic in nature the rhythmic patterns, at the same time, give it its
    electric quality.

Out There is based on sound material from No Exit. This time it is cut, and
   reordered, layered and individually processed by granular techniques. Like No Exit, Out There
   is generally magnetic in nature.

 A Sign in Grain
Inspired by the ‘Root Of  Sine’ project at  where
   a 1 sec. 440 Hz sine wave
used as base of a composition. I processed the sine wave by a variety of granular techniques and is generally electric in nature    because of the rhythmic structures but has a distinct slow magnetic middle part.    Where No Exit is down to earth, Out There and A Sine in Grain are like two cosmic sounds capes.

 UPO's Unidentified Planetary Object's

 Do You Believe Starting point of this composition was an little private act with a friend of mine (Andre Gouw) about flying soucers. An old recording from the late 60’s. I used an technic from the early mininmal music of two shifting pieces of text and emphesised the rithmic structure with a pulsating extraction from the shifting tekst. Kind of like a pulsar. Overlaying is an gaotic universe of granulated pieces of text.

Anomaly Nr 1



Weak Interacting Massive Particles


“Missings Higgs” brings contemporary improvisational music in which nothing is predetermined. In the meeting of different musical backgrounds they explore new ways of spontanious communication. This results in new sound textures, in which the acoustic
saxophone- and drum sounds are combined with live controlled
audio samples- and sound manipulations.

Karel Eigenraam [live electronics, alto saxophone] and Hugo Keuker [symbals & drums] have been active in several jazz-, world music as well as experimental improvisational ensembles. Johan Zwart [live electronics] has his roots in the school of classical electronic music. 

> CD "Missing Higgs"